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Concrete and Shotcrete Testing

Concrete Testing

Macquarie Geotechnical undertakes both field and laboratory testing of concrete and shotcrete.

This is essential to ensure the quality and performance of the material used during construction and confirms its meets the requirements.

We have a fleet of vehicles fully equipped to work on mine sites and are able to collect samples of concrete in the field or accept samples provided by a client for testing.

Please see below for a full list of our accreditation.

Concrete (RMS)

  • RMS T300Method of Sampling Fresh Concrete
  • RMS T301Consistence of Concrete (Slump Test)
  • RMS T306Compressive Strength of Concrete Specimens
  • RMS T316Mass per Unit Volume of Hardened Concrete (Rapid Measuring Method)

Concrete (Australian Standards & ASTM)

  • AS1012.1Sampling of fresh concrete
  • AS1012.3.1Determination of properties related to the consistency of concrete – Slump test
  • AS1012.3.4Determination of properties related to the consistency of concrete – Compactibility index
  • AS1012.4Air content of Freshly Mixed Concrete
  • AS1012.8.1Method for making and curing concrete – Compression and indirect tensile test specimens
  • AS1012.8.2Method for making and curing concrete – Flexure test specimens
  • AS1012.9 & 12.1Determination of Compressive Strength of Concrete Specimens and Mass per Unit Volume
  • AS1012.10Determination of indirect tensile strength of concrete cylinders (‘Brasil’ or splitting test)
  • AS1012.12.1Determination of mass per unit volume of hardened concrete – Rapid measuring method
  • AS1012.12.2Determination of mass per unit volume of hardened concrete – Water displacement method
  • AS1012.13Determination of Drying Shrinkage of Concrete
  • AS1012.14Method for Securing and Testing Cores from Hardened Concrete for Compressive Strength
  • AS1012.17Modulus of Elasticity of Deformation
  • AS1012.20Determination of chloride and sulfate in hardened concrete and concrete aggregates
  • ASTM C469/C469-10Static Chord Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson’s Ratio
  • ASTM C1550-10 Cl. 7Shotcrete Panel Sampling